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Find Out What Everyone Is Raving About!

“FBS is a deeply experienced team of building consultants who have consistently demonstrated the highest standards of expertise and professional standards. They can be counted on to provide a clear-eyed and unbiased forensic evaluation for our clients and the courts in which we appear.”
– Jeff Raizner
“Our experience with the FBS team was very professional and productive, and their deliverables were on time and top-notch in quality. The FBS team is an easy referral to others, and we will use them again for all of our construction needs.The FBS team was deployed to TN to investigate various construction and design defects with two properties in our portfolio. Over the ensuing 24 months I had constant communication with various FBS team members as we iterated towards a work product worthy to be seen by the judge – which it eventually was."
– Doug Thompson
Platinum Storage
“FBS is consistently one of the most thorough and reliable experts I have worked with in my years of practice. They approach every job with extraordinary analytical and technical expertise and provide us with the most accurate and complete information they can, even in situations where that information does not benefit my case. They are one of the few experts who we can trust will tell us the truth, whether that truth helps or hurts. Their work product is top-notch, having withstood Daubert challenges from some of the best defense firms practicing today. We have relied on them in trial, and witnessed first-hand how the jury responds to their ability to provide complex information in easily understandable ways, and judges across numerous jurisdictions have found them thorough and reliable. I will continue to rely on FBS in my cases for many years to come.”
– Hunter Klein
“This expert report for ---------- is so phenomenal I could cry. Thank you for taking care of this sh*t storm.”
– Attorney