Forensic Building Science Inc.,

Almost a year ago my home suffered significant damage to a portion of the exterior.  Gutters were torn off, shingles and tar paper were hanging from its eaves, and the first thing I said to my wife was not to worry, this is why we have homeowners insurance.  I had never made a claim and was unfamiliar with the process, but all the commercials I had seen on TV told me I had a good insurance company and they would be there for me when I needed them.  I called my agent and sure enough, they sent some folks out to check on my house.  Much to my chagrin, the inspector told me that they would not be covering most of the damage.  I was in shock and disbelief.  I didn’t understand how this could happen.  I had paid my insurance premiums on time for years, never made a claim in the past, and now I needed help.  This was why you paid for insurance, I thought.

I didn’t know what to do.  I went through months of fighting with the insurance company, to no avail.  Finally, at my wit’s end, I decided I needed professional help.  I invoked the appraisal process and called Tom Irmiter and the folks at Forensic Building Science.  After talking with Tom, he explained the process to me and made me feel much better about the situation.  After months of stalemate and nothing getting done, Tom took charge and met with the appraisal team from the insurance company at my home.  I was away on orders with the National Guard, but he took care of everything.  When I returned home, my wife told me that the process had went well and that I should contact Tom to get an update.  Sure enough, I called into their office and Tom explained what had transpired.  The next day I received an email with a signed award letter for all of the damages.

Tom, I can’t thank you enough for your help.  For a soldier deploying to the Middle East, leaving his family behind, there is no dollar amount that can be placed on the peace of mind you and your company provided us.  God bless you all.


1LT Jesse

I just want to tell you I really enjoyed meeting both Brian and Martha, who conducted our Forensic Tile Roof Inspection earlier this week.  I thought they did a thorough and comprehensive examination of both the Tile Roof Damage, and other Hail Damaged Areas of our home, in addition to inspecting the Interior Water Leaks and Damage we are currently experiencing due to all the recent rains.



"I wanted to take a few minutes and formally thank you for your time and attention. You knocked it out of the park in the final week and day of mediation with us. We truly believe if you would have not been in the room with us on mediation day, we would not have had a conclusion or would have struggled to position the damage appropriately to argue effectively.

You were willing to 'get in the details' with me and verify the costs and methods to get to a comfort level that I could accept. If you are ever to need a reference from us we would be happy to provide and we are on to rebuilding our home and our life!"

Taye and Todd

"Carolyn and I employed Tom Irmiter and his staff early in our remediation process for monitoring our huge remediation process on our Wayzata home. He began pointing out problems with the work being done by the contractor as well as outright dishonest practices. Had we not used his firm we would probably not have a principal residence that we could live in and owe thousands of dollars that would have gone into a black hole.

In addition he was instrumental in preserving evidence in a professional manner for the inevitable lawsuits to follow against not only people who had done prior work on our house but our own insurer who predictably initially denied any coverage. Tom's help and guidance allows us to sleep which was a major problem before we met him."

Joe and Carolyn

“We had a large stucco home with a large water and mold problem. We dealt with many inspectors, consultants and builders. The only group that actually knew the relevant building codes and made sense of it all was Tom Irmiter and his staff. His opinions weren’t always popular with others, but in the end he was proved correct during the reconstruction. He was the only one I could trust to give a definitive answer about the problems and what should be done to fix them.”

Rob Payne, MD

"After working in tandem with the original builder of our home to implement repairs to the cladding, drainage plane and the weather resistive barrier in 2008, the builder and my husband and I felt we had a reliable, sound home. However, with the possibility of selling our home in the not too distant future, I wanted to have a moisture assessment of the new exterior system in the fall of 2010. FBS provided a full moisture probe of the home and found it to be functioning well within the normal range. We were impressed with FBS professionalism. Their thorough investigation and report gave us peace of mind. It was a very satisfying epilogue to the remediation work of the original builder and our efforts to improve the function of our stucco home."

Terri T.

“Thank you Tom for all your work. We were glad to have stumbled across you . . . . We wish you luck but hope some day that you'll have to find a new profession because all the houses will be built iron clad - right! Hopefully the next time you hear from us we will need your help regarding a house we hope to build the right way the first time.”

Robynn & Phil